IB Art Requirements

ibart_chartThe Visual Arts Journal: This is a record of your studies which will include research, reflection, responses and creative ideas for exploration and development.

Theoretical Practice – The Comparative Study (20%): This is a critical and contextual investigation (which means considering why art is the way it is)  You will analyze and compare art and artifacts by different artists and from different cultures.  You will then develop a practical outcome from your study.  This is all about looking at art and responding to what you see.

Art Making Practice – The Process Portfolio (40%): You will explore different techniques and develop your skills.  You will make art using media both familiar and new.  This is all about experimenting and learning new skills.

Curatorial Practice – The Exhibition (40%): This is the culmination of your course.  You will put on an exhibition of your finished art work.  This is about you as an artist.




Higher Level

Standard Level


Curatorial Practice 40% Art Exhibition(Internal/External Assessment) 8-11 pieces with exhibition text.

Curatorial Statement (700 words)

4-7 pieces with exhibition text

Curatorial statement (400 words)

Internally Assessed and Externally Moderated
Theoretical Practice 20% Comparative Study(External Assessment) 10-15 screens PLUS 3-5 reflective screens 10-15 screens Externally Assessed
Art Making Practice 40% Process Portfolio(External Assessment) 13-25 screens with at least 3 different art making forms 9-18 screens with at least 2 different art making forms. Externally Assessed

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