Need more help?

If you have looked over my site and my student’s examples and still feel that you need help – or want a second opinion on your ideas and works – I tutor Art students online. I also help Art Teachers develop their Art Curriculum and implement a successful IB DP Art Programme.

We can Zoom/Skype or you can email me your documents and I can edit and/or email suggestions back.

My prices are $60 USD per Zoom/Skype session (max 1 hour) and/or $60 USD per hour of my time reading/editing and giving suggestions on your work. I am also happy to come and visit your school and work with your Art Department. Follow me on Instagram (sis_missA_artclass) to learn more about workshops I will be giving. Contact me if you want to develop one in your area!

The earlier you contact me the more help I can give – since I am an IB DP VA teacher too and it gets hectic in March!!

Contact me for more help or advice!