Know the criteria

It is really important that you are familiar with specifically what IB is looking for. To score you need to know where the goal is, yes?

When you look at the rubrics, pay close attention to the specific words that are being used. There is no specific checklist, and everyone knows how art can be so subjective. So if you are super keen to score a 7, I encourage you to get a few different teachers and peers to help moderate your work. Ask others to look it over and give you help criticism and ideas as you work.


For the 7 in the COMPARATIVE STUDY, the IB is looking for a consistent,insightful and informed identification and analysis and thorough evaluation that shows a thorough understanding. Of course, each component has more specific details, but generally, there is no specific checklist. So you can present your information however you want. But make sure you are analysing and evaluating your observations and that all of your screens are consistently strong.

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For the 7 in the PROCESS PORTFOLIO, the IB is looking for assured and sustained experimentation and manipulation of a range of skills/techniques/processes, in-depth critical investigationsclearly articulated ideas and intentionseffective and consistent process of review and refinement in a clearcoherent and engaging manner with an excellent range of visual evidence and consistent use of subject specific language.

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For the 7 in the EXHIBITION, the IB is looking for a coherent body of work with effective communication of thematic/stylistic relationships in an assured level of technical competence with visually elaborated ideas, themes, concepts with effective realization of stated artistic intentions. The CR fully justifies the exhibition appropriate to stated intentions and effectively articulates relationships between the artworks and the viewer.

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