Art Forms

For IB Art, students are expected to work through a variety of mediums.  Usually, most students are more skilled at only a few techniques (not everyone is great at everything), so I advise my students to fulfill the art-making forms – and then focus the majority of your works in your strongest media.  Of course, I also love mixed media works – so those can work as well.

Specifically, for SL students, submitted works must be in AT LEAST TWO art-making forms, each from separate columns below.

For HL students, submitted works must be in AT LEAST THREE art-making forms, from a minimum of two columns below.




(lens based or electronic or screen based)

Drawing: charcoal, pencil, ink

Painting: acrylic, oil, watercolour

Printmaking: relief, intaglio, chine colle

Graphics: illustration and design


Sculpture: ceramics, found objects, wood, assemblage

Designed Objects: fashion, architectural, vessels

Site Specific: land art, installation, murals

Textiles: fibre, weaving, printed fabric

Time-based and sequential art: animation, graphic novel, storyboard

Lens media: still, moving, montage

Digital/screen based: vector graphics, software generated


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