CS Examples

If you take my advice – prepare well and follow the step by step guide I have given you, the CS should not be terribly stressful (or difficult).  My students are VERY successful in their CS submissions.   Most follow my advice but then (of course) tweak it to their own style.

*All four examples below scored 7 for CS.


This student was able to delve quite deeply into the cultural and conceptual significance of the artworks – finding interesting information about the sites of inspiration and their significance to the artworks. Also this student’s reflective pages were particularly strong, not just explaining how the artwork inspired the final piece, but how she used the artist Van Gogh’s processes and philosophies during her own art process.  Finally, this student created a clean organized presentation and added creative details. 

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This student used McFee’s Approach and embedded it into the presentation – which gave her even greater depth in discussing cultural and conceptual significance of the artwork. 

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This student used a black background (which I find hard to read).  However, her content is highly advanced – as is her art vocabulary.   However, her font is quite small. 🙂 

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This student did not have to worry about reflective screens.  And I’m not sure the best font was chosen for the job. Also, this student chose to focus on architecture – from one city Boston.  That limited the scope for cultural and conceptual significance – however, the student was able to defend her choices strongly (adding a second introduction screen to explain the reasoning).

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NOTE:  The List of Sources gets uploaded separately – and so it is more effective (and easier to create) on a plain document.  Use MLA formatting.  And save as a PDF.