EE Updates 2018

  • All research questions must be posed as a question 
  • Titles are required 
  • Reference to external sources or supplementary information is not permitted and examiners will not access them 
  • Irrespective of the subject, the extended essay should be a complete piece of independent research, modeled on an academic journal/research paper, which can exist and be understood on its own, without the need to access external links, such as hyperlinks, or accompanying material such as DVDs. 
  • The abstract will no longer be a requirement of the extended essay 
  • Some schools may still want to include one, though this is not explicitly assessed in the new model – where this is the case, the abstract is part of the 4000 word limit.  
  • The use of footnotes, endnotes and appendices is clarified 
  • Where these are used for referencing alone, they are not part of the word count. Students who use footnotes to expand upon a point made in their essay, thus including information central to their investigation as a footnote must either explicitly confirm that their word count includes explanatory footnotes, or where this is not clear, the examiner must give an indication of how many words beyond those stated have been submitted for assessment. 
  • Formatting of the extended essay is clarified 
  • A Reflections on planning and progress form has been introduced (RRPF) 
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