The Extended Essay (EE) in Visual Arts is a great choice! It will give you opportunity to undertake research in an area of the visual arts of particular interest to you. It’s can actually be very rewarding – and art students that choose to write the EE in ART find that it supplements their art studies (especially the CS) to their advantage.

Before you begin your Extended Essay, click here to understand the criteria.

The outcome of the research should be a coherent and structured piece of writing, with well-integrated and appropriate illustrations, and which effectively addresses a particular research question appropriate to the visual arts. 

The research may be generated or inspired by the student’s direct experiences of creating visual artworks, or by their interest in the work of a particular artist, style or period. This might be related to the student’s own cultural context or another cultural context. Personal contact with artists, curators and other active participants in the visual arts is encouraged, as is the use of local and primary sources. 

NOTE: The visual arts are here broadly defined also to include architecture, design and contemporary forms of visual culture. An EE in visual arts is not an extension of the internal assessment (IA) task. Students must ensure that they understand the differences between the two.

CLICK HERE for an in-depth explanation and a step-by-step guide to create your Extended Essay.

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