The FINAL EXHIBITION is the culmination of your IB Art experience. It is where you can showcase a coherent collection of works which fulfill stated artistic intentions and communicate clear thematic or stylistic relationships across individual pieces. You will select and present your best artworks in the form of a curated final show and defend and articulate your purpose and intention in a written form through the Curatorial Rationale.

Your Final Exhibition is submitted digitally,  so good photos and strict adherence to word count is necessary.  The Exhibition constitutes 40% of your mark. It is internally assessed and then externally moderated.

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You will need to plan your final exhibition carefully.  Consider how your artworks will interact?  Do you want to create a special space?  Or perhaps an installation?  Or do you want it to be in a traditional exhibition format?  Choose according to the style of your art.

Choose works  for your exhibition that show:

  • Technical competence
  • Appropriate use of materials, techniques and processes
  • Relationships among the works
  • Well resolved work in line with stated intentions
  • Consideration for the overall experience of the viewer.

Let’s look specifically at the Exhibition Rubric….

NOTE: For the 7, the IB is looking for a coherent body of work with effective communication of thematic/stylistic relationships in an assured level of technical competence with visually elaborated ideas, themes, concepts with effective realization of stated artistic intentions. The CR fully justifies the exhibition appropriate to stated intentions and effectively articulates relationships between the artworks and the viewer.


Exhibition Artworks:  Over the course of the 2 year course, students must create original artworks for their final exhibition in 2D, 3D and 4D mediums. Artworks should combine to create a coherent body of work. Artworks submitted for the exhibition component must be displayed in a school exhibition and photographed in the exhibition (as well as individual photos and closeups of works for submission). Artwork requirements differ for SL (4-7) and HL (7-11). *These numbers were slightly affected due to COVID (2021 artwork expectations are (SL 4-6) and HL (7-10))

Exhibition Text:  For each piece, students must write a brief exhibition text which states title, medium, size and an outline of original intentions (500 character max per artwork)

Exhibition Overview Photos:  Students must submit 2 photos of the overall exhibition to help the moderator understand the overall layout and experience.

Curatorial Rationale: Written statement specifically addressing the body of work chosen for the exhibition, explaining the intentions of the student and considers the presentation of the work using curatorial methodologies.


For the Exhbition, artworks are assessed by 3 main criteria

  • Coherent Body of Work
  • Technical Competence
  • Conceptual Qualities

It’s your story. Tell it the best you can.


In addition to the title, dimensions and medium, you can write a maximum of 500 characters (with spaces) as a caption to each Artwork submitted for assessment.

NOTE: When your Exhibition texts are submitted – it is into a word box online – so it will not submit if there are excessive words.  Spaces count within the 500.


  • A brief context for the artwork.  “This is my interpretation of… influenced by…..’
  • References to any sources or artists which have influenced the piece
  • Try to connect the work to other works or your overall theme/general idea
  • Make it clear if you are deliberately appropriating (copying) images from elsewhere.
  • Cite images if you have copied/drew directly from

Here are some examples of Exhibition Texts that were from a student’s 7 submission. This student was able to not only explain her intentions with each piece by connect them particularly well to her overall exhibition theme of ‘Home’.


The Curatorial Rationale is similar to an artists’ statement, but refers specifically to the work selected for this exhibition rather than the general artistic output. Writing the Rationale is part of the process of self- reflection, decision making, and of understanding of the relationship between artist and audience.

This is where you must explain yourself.  And explain yourself well. All too often marks are lost by students who spent too much time explaining their intention with the works – and not enough time discussing how the works connect and how they are positioned in the gallery to highlight their connections.

NOTE:  Be HONEST when writing about your work.  Do not write fluff or make things up about your work.  Refrain from using words such as beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, etc. Your space is limited.  Stick to the facts, check your spelling and stick to the word count.