Process Portfolio Examples

If you take my advice – prepare well and follow the step by step guide I have given you, the PP should be quite straightforward.  The trick is to include enough process and art development to represent your full 2 years work, while creating a clean (not cluttered), full of art vocabulary submission.  The added struggle for the PP is that it is a digital submission.  And so there is a confusion between how much of the Visual Art Journal is necessary.  My school is a very digital school – and let’s face it, students don’t really want to make reams and reams of hand written notes in a sketchbook – if they can type. But… IB Examiners love to see them some Visual Arts Journal.

So I encourage my students to find their own happy medium.  There needs to be some sketching activities going on.  I encourage all my students to include at least one sketch/sketchbook page per screen.  I also discourage the use of other images. A few to show idea influences is fine – but I don’t want to see a screen full of other artist’s work.

At my school finding a balance between the digital and hand made sketchbook is a fine balance.

The following students scored 7 for their super detailed, thorough Process Portfolios.


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