Writing the Essay

I always find it easier to write the body of the essay first. Then you can go back and write the introduction and the conclusion will flow easily at the end.


If you have been detailed in your Initial Planning – then the actual writing of the essay body – should be quite straightforward. 

Don’t spend a lot of time trying to make everything perfect with super large vocabulary – just write exactly what you want to say.  

One thing that I advise that will make your life easier in the long run – is to use lots of resources –  and to note what resources – who said what – directly after you discuss what they say.  I usually add a quick bracket.  You can update and perfect citations later. 

It is *strongly* recommend that most everything you state is backed up by a resource. The only exception is the analysis portion. 

Use subtitles for each section – according to your Initial Plan. 


For an EE, the Introduction is quite proscribed.  There are specific components that need to be in it – that directly affect your assessment – particularly Criterion A 

It is best to tackle writing the introduction AFTER you have written the body – as it will be more clear what argument, *exactly* you are focusing on. 

What you NEED to include in your Introduction: 

(*NOTE: ALL of these should be included in the Introduction but MOST important is the clear statement of the Topic/Research Question) 

AIM – Discuss what is the aim of the paper – what are you planning to discuss/evaluate/argue 

RQ – Clearly state the TOPIC and the RESEARCH QUESTION 

RELEVANCE OF RQ  – Explain why this topic/RQ is relevant to YOU – why are you interested in this – what inspired/influenced you 

METHODOLOGY OF PAPER – Discuss how the paper is set up – how you organized the paper into sections (explain what sections) and why this is effective.  Introduce each artwork and explain how they connect/relate to your discussion. 

RELEVANCE OF PAPER TO THE STUDY OF VISUAL ART – Explain why this topic is relevant to the bigger picture of Visual Art 

EVALUATION AND METHODOLGY OF RESEARCH – Discuss how you explored the topic and gathered research.  Comment on the validity and strength of resources – Where did you get most of your information? Did you visit galleries/interview artists? What specific resources were most helpful?  (Try to reference well known sites and/or Art books)  


After you finish writing your body and introduction – the conclusion should be relatively easy to write. 

The point of the conclusion is to sum up your findings – so most of the conclusion will be restating what you already discussed.  

What you MUST include in your conclusion: 

  • Reiterate your Topic 
  • Restate your RQ
  • Discuss your findings based on your RQ
  • Add your opinion/thought on why your findings may be true and/or currently relevant.